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Alexander Technique is a study of how we do what we do, and if we could perhaps do it a bit more easily. Many performers of all modalities use Alexander Technique to refine their biomechanical efficiency and find more ease & fulfillment in their work, but people from all walks of life find Alexander Technique helpful.

Alexander helps anyone with a body to reduce muscle tension & chronic pain, cope with the many stimuli of our day-to-day lives, and improve posture, balance, and coordination. Anatomy and biomechanics are certainly a piece of the work, but Alexander draws from the idea that we bring our whole self to everything we do, and a holistic view is not only less likely to exclude parts of our selves, but is more helpful in producing results.

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In addition to her 1600-hour Alexander certification from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Erin draws on her RYT 200 hour yoga teacher certification, her extensive experience with trauma-informed care, and her own journey as a singer, yogi, and person to help each individual student with their specific needs.

Lessons may practice sitting to standing, observing our patterns in breathing or walking, bringing in your performance modality or other activities, or receiving table work for the length of the lesson. The work is as flexible and adaptable a discipline as we hope to be in our own lives as practitioners.

Please use the contact information page to reach out to Erin for lesson availability and pricing. Bundle pricing is available, as well as student discounts.

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